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Biometric Voice Recognition Biometric Voice Recognition

Voice recognition or speech recognition is a type of behavioral biometric technology, which is used to identify a user, with the help of pre-stored voice templates in the biometric device. Every individual has a distinct voice structure, which is based upon a number of characteristics. With the help of voice recognition technology, a number of devices have been manufactured to provide security at homes as well as offices. It is impossible for intruders and housebreakers to tamper with this technology and thus, you can rely upon voice recognition systems for maintaining high-level security.

Features of Voice Recognition

  • Voice recognition is facilitated by microphones, which record the voice samples and store them for future use.
  • Voice recognition technology is the only form of biometrics, which make use of physical traits (like shape of the vocal trait) as well as behavioural traits (like voice texture, pronunciation and others).
  • Automatic recognition and verification processes are facilitated by this technology.
  • Devices designed using this technology offers voice recorder, voice alerting system and emergency power supports.

Applications of Voice Recognition

Voice recognition systems (speech recognition systems) are installed on those devices, which have no other alternative of biometric analysis than the voice. Here are few applications of this technology used at various places:

  • Modern cell phones are installed with voice recognition components, to control the access of unfamiliar callers.
  • ATM cards are also making use of this technology to ensure that authorized users use their cards to withdraw money from ATM terminals.
  • Door locks are designed with voice recognition technology to ensure that strangers are not allowed to pose threat to the security of your house and family.
  • Automobile locks and garage locks are also designed with this technology to ensure safety to cars.
  • Computer access is restricted to authorized users with the help pf devices based on this technology.

Advantages of Voice Recognition

  • Voice recognition system offers automatic door locking, in case the door is left unlocked by mistake.
  • The components are easily installed in existing devices like cell phones, ATM cards and computers, thus there is no need to arrange for special hardware.
  • Low-cost technology and fast identification process are some other benefits of this technology.

Voice recognition technology is prospering with its application being extended to different fields. With most reliable devices fabricated with the help of this technology, you can accomplish the task of installing security effectively.

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