Why Use Biometrics in Cell Phones?

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Cell phones are not more the devices solely for the purpose of communication. Consumers around the world use them for surfing web, carrying out monetary transactions and also for storing sensitive data and information. All such cell phone utilities demand apposite level of security. Biometric security is extending its reach to cell phones as cell phone manufacturers are making all good attempts to use the technology for safety and security of mobile devices.

There are many concerns related to cell phone security and biometric systems address each one of them. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Loss of Information
Most of the cell phone users are concerned about the risks involved in storage of information in their devices. Biometrics help solve the issues by providing features like phone locks and content locks. In general sense, access control is taken care of by implementation of biometric systems in cell phones.

Device Theft
Another concerning issue is related to the possible theft and misuse of cell phones. Phone locks and personalized number dialers are some of the options that biometric systems offer to prevent cell phone misuse even if the device is stolen.

Mobile Services Usage
The most important concern is related to the security of mobile banking and mobile commerce activities that are gaining popularity in today’s world. Cell phone users are increasing the use of their devices to make online payments and to use a variety of services. Appropriate level of security for using these services is offered by implementation of biometrics in cell phones. Payment authorization and eWallet personalization are some of the features associated with biometric eCommerce or what can be called mobile commerce.

Biometric systems can be implemented on cell phone using different biometric techniques. The most popular ones include:

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Iris pattern recognition
  • Voice recognition

Use and implementation of biometrics in cell phones is further enhanced by combining the technology with existing cell phone security arrangements. For instance, a cell phone user may have to authorize his mobile banking transactions through biometric recognition as well as using passwords and SMS codes. This is indeed a sophisticated security arrangement for the people who are highly dependent upon cell phones for a variety of purposes that demand high-end security.

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